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Publications and useful links

Publications by Elizabeth Kessin Berman

​Recent articles about Judaica Appraising by Elizabeth Kessin Berman:


"The Challenges of Appraising Judaica, Part Two" in The Journal of Advanced Judaica Studies, Spring 2014

"A Time to Value and a Time to Creatively Value - Appraising Church and Synagogue Collections," in The Journal of Advanced Judaica Studies, Spring 2010.

Information on stolen art or looted art


International Research Portal for Records Related to Nazi-Era Cultural Property  

Descriptive Catal​ogue on Looted Judaica, ​published by the ​Claims Co​nference​​​​

​​FBI-​National Stolen Art ​Base​​


Other interesting links

​​​Jewish Heritage Europe​

The Center for Jewish Art

Other publications by Elizabeth Kessin Berman

Berman, Elizabeth Kessin, “The Mizrach: A format for Art and for Social History,”  in Generations, Spring, 1988


---- “Collecting Judaica in the 21st Century,” in The Journal for Appraisal Studies, April, 2012 (Part One) and April, 2014 (Part Two).


---- “A Time to Value: Appraising Church and Synagogue Collections,” in The Journal for Appraisal Studies, April, 2010.


----“Threads of Life,” Maryland Humanities Magazine, Fall, 2000 (on the garment industry exhibition)

---- "From the Depths: Collecting Original Documents from the Kovno Ghetto," Journal of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Winter (12:1), 1998, 99-118.


---- Introduction to the exhibition catalogue, Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in collaboration with Bulfinch Press, 1997.

---- "Moral Triage or Cultural Salvage: The Agendas of Varian Fry and the Emergency Rescue Committee." Commissioned article for the exhibition catalogue, Emigrés in Exile: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, February, 1997. French and German translations following.

---- "Transcendentalism and Tradition: The Art of Solomon Nunes Carvalho," in The Journal of Jewish Art, Volume. 16/17, 1990-91, 64-81.

---- "Baltimore's Garment Industry and the New Jewish Social Consciousness," in Threads of Life: The Jewish Involvement in the Garment Industry of Baltimore, Baltimore: The Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, April, 1991.

---- "Solomon Nunes Carvalho: Painter and Prophet" in Solomon Nunes Carvalho: Painter, Photographer and Prophet in Nineteenth Century America, Baltimore: The Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, January, 1989.

---- "The Mizrach: A Format for Art and Social History," Generations, 1988, 2‑4.

---- "M.S. Polack's Circumcision Record Book," Generations, 1989, 10‑14.

---- "The Glazed Pottery” in Excavations at Capernaum, Volume 1. Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 1989.

Collaborative Publications

---- “Hidden History: An Annotated Bibliography.”  Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Volume 12 (1), 1998, 119-138.

---- Afterword to the reprint of Surrender on Demand by Varian Fry, Boulder, Colorado: Johnson Books, 1997, published in conjunction with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Written with the assistance of Susan Morgenstein and Anita Kassof. French translation: La Liste Noir, Plon, 1999. 

---- And So They Came: The Experience of Jewish Settlement in Maryland, Baltimore: The Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, October, 1987.

---- "Gergasa, An Early Christian Holy Place," Atiqot,  Volume 16 (1983) (with assistance to editor and author V. Tzaferis).

---- "What Became of Ancient Capernaum," in Christian News from Israel,  Volume 12 (1979) (with V. Tzaferis and K. Meladonis), 1-3.

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