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For information on fees, you may contact us by email, phone or text message.  We will be glad to explain the process of preparing ​​an IRS appraisal, an insurance appraisal, a damage and loss appraisal, or distribution or gift value reports.  


For those who do not need a written appraisal for fiduciary purposes, Judaica in Context provides​ a "Professional Opinion of Value" (POV). A "POV" may be useful for persons who simply want to know the market value of their objects prior to moving, gifting, or downsizing.  POV's are also helpful to guide persons to the most appropriate sales venue - yard sale, estate sale or auction. There is a minimum one hour for a POV. 


Please understand that we DO NOT provide free estimates of value and we do not -- under any circumstance -- comment on the value, identification, or authenticity of any image sent to us​. ​​​If you have found something at a yard sale or discovered a curiosity in your attic, contact your local auction house to get a "what is it worth auction estimate" or look for Judaica in Context's frequent charitable appraisal events in your area.

Have a question about where to sell an object, or need advice on placing an object in a public collection? Email us a photo with dimensions and other identifying marks and, if we are able, we'll try to help you place your object for sale in the most appropriate venue.   

Call or text message:


Mail to:

​P.O. Box 126

Nahant, MA 01908



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