Your source for appraising, assessing, and caring for  historical objects.

With over 30 years experience curating Judaica collections,  Judaica in Context provides qualified appraisals for: 

Insurance scheduling

IRS donations

Estate taxes

Estate distributions

Divorce proceedings

Damage and Loss

Debt assessment 

Expert witness testimony 

and more ...

Contact Judaica in Context for unbiased, third-party professional appraisals: 

  • Guidance to private clients and their heirs 

  • Stewardship to museums, synagogues, and institutions

  • Support for insurance agents, attorneys, and wealth managers

  • Brokering, relocation, and placement of collections

Judaica in Context offers the highest ethical and appraisal standards: certified in Judaica and residential contents by the Appraisers Association of America and compliant through testing by Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). ​


Many collections contain a wide variety of fine art and antiques. Judaica in Context​ also provides appraisals for general estates, modern art, fine art and residential contents. Please visit our partner sites, Collections in Context​ and Appraisals in Context or contact us at​.


Our offices are located in the Greater Boston area, but Judaica in Context conducts appraisals ​throughout​ the world. 


We are now accepting appointments in​​:

Washington DC, Februrary, 2020

Philadelphia area, TBA

New York,  March 2020

Tel Aviv, TBA

Denver, November 2019

Miami Beach, January, 2020