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​​Judaica in Context,

appraisals and consulting for collectors of Jewish ceremonial objects, artifacts and art


P.O. Box 126

Nahant, MA 01908



Judaica in Context also offers many other specialized services for the collector:

Professional Opinion of  Value

For those who simply wish to know the value of an object in order to help plan for the future​, we offer a informal "Professional Opinion of Value (POV)," which is a verbal appraisal done according to USPAP standards. A POV is ideal for individuals who simply want to know the value of their objects prior to deciding what to do: sell, keep, trash, donate or pass on.



Walk-thrus of your home or the home of an elderly parent to help identify valuables for sale in different markets: auctions, tag sales, estate sales or outright donations.  

We will gladly help you place important pieces in museums or public collections or work with you to identify charitable organizations willing to accept your items.

Collections  Management

We will manage all aspects of your collection management needs:

  • Finding climate controlled storage
  • Transporting collections
  • Supervising conservation and preservation treatments
  • Overseeing archival framing
  • Data base inventorying of entire collections ​

Buying and Selling advice

Call upon us for unbiased advice in placing objects at auction. We'll be happy to discuss our fees for this service. We always disclose who is paying our fees.

Art Advisory

​Do you need a bit of help deciding how to build your collection of contemporary art or Judaic artifacts. We are happy to asist you. 



We can assist or conduct provenance research, write an academic catalogue of your collection, or provide in depth object research.​